Certificates offered
   Computer 3-D Animation
   Comp. Animation/Multimedia
   Comp. Graphics
   Desktop Publishing
Faculty pages
   Baitoo, Hilda
   Corsi, Sandro
   Dimitriadis, Philip
   Jenerson-Madden, Dolores
   Mahmood, Hassaan
   McMillan, Richard
   Nauer, Kathy

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These hours are automatically recorded by the Instructional Computing office. The hours are used to justify funding for our lab.

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Fullerton College: Art Computer Graphics Program

Fullerton College * Art Computer Graphics

2D Graphics
Page Layout
3D Graphics
general education class for majors and non-majors
computer graphics, general intro
9-week homepage

3D graphics intro
web media intro

Electronic Illustration
Desktop Publishing I
3D Modeling
Multimedia Animation
Electronic Paint
Desktop Publishing II
3D Computer Animation
Multimedia Authoring
Digital Photography

Digital Video


The Art Computer Graphics program at Fullerton College began as a specialized area of the Art Dept. in 1986. It has gradually expanded to provide broad-based instruction in all applications of computers in the visual arts.

Our students may work towards a transfer to a 4-year institution; earn a certificate in one of three areas of specialization (animation/multimedia, computer graphics, desktop publishing); or take individual classes to upgrade their job skills.

Classes are held in comprehensive facilities, providing a computer for each student, and full access during extended hours of operation.

To learn more about the program, please see our contact and admission information, as well as the current schedule of classes.


Don't be left in the past illustration Approx. size of program:
250-300 undergraduates.

Primary areas of focus:
Fine Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia.

Curriculum includes: