Certificates offered
   Computer 3-D Animation
   Comp. Animation/Multimedia
   Comp. Graphics
   Desktop Publishing
Faculty pages
   Baitoo, Hilda
   Corsi, Sandro
   Dimitriadis, Philip
   Jenerson-Madden, Dolores
   Mahmood, Hassaan
   McMillan, Richard
   Nauer, Kathy

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These hours are automatically recorded by the Instructional Computing office. The hours are used to justify funding for our lab.

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New additions to our 3-D tools

Image of 3d scannerNexEngine‚ Desktop 3D Scanner captures 3D objects in full collor with multi-laser precision. Breakthrough technology has made it the World’s best selling 3-D Scanner. Out of the box it includes everything to digitize 3-D models, including ScanStudio CORE Software to Scan, Align, Polish, and Blend. Models can be exported to STL, OBJ, VRML, U3D, and other formats.


ClayTools’s System
Sculptural Modeling for Digital Content Creation & Fine Arts

The ClayTools system delivers unparalleled modeling speed and creative expression, and is ideal for sculptural modeling of complex, organic shapes for digital content creation and fine arts such as sculpture and portions of jewelry design.


Image of scull on a 3D scanner- Model in a faster, unconstrained, and more flexible way
- Produce highly detailed models for game characters, props, and scenery
- Add organic detailing and texturing to jewelry designs
- Use with 3ds Max, Maya, Rhino, and other design applications that support .stl and .obj I/O
- Add sculptural details, handcrafted modifications, and embossed textures to existing models
- Create texture maps from high-res, detailed models to apply to optimized poly models for games, videos, and films
- Gain the benefits of digital modeling - create multiple versions, duplicate handcrafted modifications, and create and use a library of parts
- Output for Rapid Prototyping or casting
- Expand your existing design and modeling workflow

Image of SensAble Omini Arm


PHANTOM Omni Haptic Device
The ClayTools system includes the PHANTOM Omni‚ haptic device a true 3D interface with force feedback that enables you to use your sense of touch to create virtual clay models. This natural and direct way of working makes the ClayTools system easy to learn, and users typically become productive within a few days.

Image of ShapeWrap tool


ShapeWrap II is a full body motion capture system that adjusts to fit different shapes and sizes. Every ShapeWrap II system includes multiple mini motion capture tools (4 ShapeTapes with ShapeAnimator) that can be used independently to understand the concepts of motion capture.

With ShapeWrap II an entire class gets hands-on motion capture experience simultaneously. ShapeWrap II combined with ShapeAnimator software makes this easy! Four students or four groups of students can actively participate at the same time, getting hands-on motion capture training.

Utilizing ShapeWrap’s four ShapeAnimators get hands-on experience for introduction to:
- working with real-time input devices
- real-time data capture & recording
- clean-up: software & methods
- data mapping & retargeting
- motion editing: offsetting, keying, looping, etc.
- data integration & exporting
- and more